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Trusted Property Tax Specialists

If you’re looking for reputable property tax accountants, you’re at the right place! At PremierOne, a full range of accounting services are provided by our team of knowledgeable property tax specialists, who are also experienced in property development and investment properties. Count on our property accountant to maximise your tax plans and make sure you’re financially successful!

Increasing returns with the help of investment property tax accountants
Property investment has tax repercussions but can also be financially lucrative. Our investment property tax accountants have a focus on maximising returns while ensuring tax compliance. We help you make informed decisions by utilising our in-depth understanding of tax regulations and real estate investments.

Managing Your Real Estate Finances with Property Accountants

A thorough understanding of the real estate sector is necessary for property accounting. Our property accountants for real estate provide expert services to handle your property finances, including rental income, outgoings, and depreciation. Let our professionals handle the numbers so you can concentrate on your real estate investments.

Navigating Complexities with Expert Property Development Accountants

Often, complex financial transactions and tax laws are involved in real estate development. Throughout the development process, our highly qualified property development accountants offer strategic guidance. We are your partners in the successful growth of your real estate, from cost analysis through tax planning.

Pick Our Experienced Property Tax Accountants Right Now

It is crucial to have competent professionals at your side, especially when it comes to property taxes. At PremierOne, property tax accountants are committed to optimising your tax position and making sure that all applicable rules are followed.

To discuss your investment property accounting requirements and learn how we can help you realise your property investment goals, get in touch with us today!

Why Should you choose PremierOne’s Property Tax Accountants?
Streamline Your Finances with Expert Property Tax Accountants Online

  • Accurate Data Entry & Recording: Using cutting-edge accounting software to create organised and current financial records, our meticulous bookkeepers make sure that every financial transaction is accurately recorded. We guarantee accurate data entry with our accounting services for increased accuracy and compliance.

  • Bank Reconciliations: We regularly execute bank reconciliations to make sure your records and bank statements match while preserving the accuracy of your financial data. To keep your finances in order, our accounting services include complete bank reconciliations.

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management: We take care of accounts payable and receivable, generating invoices, handling payments, and enhancing your cash flow management with our effective procedures. We streamline your accounts payable and receivable with our accounting services for better financial management.

  • Financial Reporting: We prepare timely and accurate financial reports, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. Our Accounting Services include comprehensive financial reporting to help you understand and analyze the financial health of your firm.

  • GST and BAS Preparation: Our experienced bookkeepers assist with GST compliance and accurate preparation and lodging of Business Activity Statements (BAS) on time. With our Accounting Services, we ensure proper GST and BAS preparation to meet your tax obligations.

  • Payroll Management: Our comprehensive payroll services handle employee wages, superannuation contributions, and compliance requirements, ensuring accurate processing. With our Accounting Services, we manage payroll efficiently, ensuring compliance with payroll regulations and providing peace of mind.

Property Tax Accounting Services - FAQs

  • How can a property tax accountant assist me with my property investments?
    A property tax accountant can help you manage your cash flow, maximise tax benefits, maintain compliance with real estate laws, and offer strategic planning to support your property investment assets.
  • What kinds of property investment firms do you work with?
    We collaborate with a wide variety of real estate corporations, including builders, investors, landlords, property management firms, and developers of real estate.
  • What tax planning assistance can you offer me for my property investments?
    Planning for property taxes is a specialty of our seasoned accountants. We review your investment holdings, look for tax-saving options, offer depreciation schedule guidance, and assist you in making well-informed choices to improve your tax position.
  • What financial reports can you offer for enterprises involved in property investment?
    We offer thorough financial reports that include profit & loss statements, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports give you a comprehensive picture of your financial situation and assist you in monitoring the success of your property investment endeavors.
  • Can you help in buying and selling property?
    Yes, our property accountants are able to offer advice and financial analysis for buying and selling properties. When buying or selling these assets, we assess the financial ramifications, aid with due investigation, and give you our expert advice.
  • How can you ensure compliance to the property investment laws?
    The most recent rules and regulations particular to the property investment sector are kept up to date by our accountants. We make sure your company stays in compliance with tax requirements, rental property legislation, and other pertinent laws to reduce any hazards.

  • What is full cycle accounting?
    Full cycle Accounting is the process of maintaining and tracking of accounts by our accountants throughout the year.  Our accountants do these activities every year until the company remains in business.
  • What is GAAP in accounting?
    GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It is a collection of accounting rules and standards followed across the market for financial reporting. Our accountants follow these processes as they are seamless and error free.
  • What is Accounting Cycle?
    Accounting Cycle involves multiple steps for the accounting events of a company like identifying, analysing and recording. It begins with the start of a transaction and ends when the transaction is recorded financially in statements.
  • what is accrued income revenue in accounting?
    Accrued income is a revenue that is rightfully earned . Small businesses,  individuals and companies can all receive accrued income. Although it is not yet received, accrued income is recorded on the books as and when it is earned, in accordance with the accrual accounting method.
  • What is accrued income journal entry in accounting?
    Accrued income journal entry is the journal entry for income which is earned during a particular period, bit is yet to be received until the end of that period. Though the amount is not received, our accountants will add it to the journal as assets as per the modern rules of accounting.
  • What is the difference between accrued and outstanding in accounting?
    Accountants consider an income as accrued until it is not due for payment, while it is considered as outstanding while it is past due.
  • What is accrued revenue in accounting?
    Accountants term the revenue which is earned but not yet invoiced or received as accrued revenue. It is also known as unbilled revenue. It is part of Accrual Accounting.
  • Is Accrual accounting part of accounting services offered by premier one?
    Yes. All our accountants have expertise in accrual accounting and it is a part of our accounting services.
  • Should i add interest accrued in bank to accounts for filing tax?
    Yes. you should add the interest availed during that period during the tax filing. If you are not sure, our accountants will be help you in adding the same.
  • What is duality in accounting?
    It is a concept where accountants have to record every transaction in two different accounts. It forms the basis of dual entry accounting for all accounting frameworks for producing reliable financial statements
  • Do you help in solving issues with previous accounting?
    Yes. Our experienced accountants will help in resolving issues with previous accounting throughout Australia.

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Good Expertise on tax laws in Australia Maru's expertise helped cleared a lot of my questions and his patience ensured I understood the concepts and tax laws.

Jaidyn Lai

Best Tax accountant near me Mr.Maru was extremely thorough with the entire tax return process and ran me through all the requirements. He made sure I received all my entitled returns for the tax period. Will definitely be doing my taxes with Premierone Accounting in the upcoming financial years :))

Jayabharathi Prabakar

Informative and friendly tax accountant near me in Australia Mr. Maru was very helpful, informative and friendly throughout the whole process. Any questions asked very answered thoroughly and my needs were processed very efficiently. Thank you!

Kapila Prabakar

Premierone - Best Concern for tax returns near Melbourne Excellent communication from the team at PremierOne Tax and Accounting when preparing my Tax Return this year.


Helpful in tax returns. Got highest amount back. PremierOne was very helpful in getting my tax returns done very quickly and got the highest amount back as well they are the best.

Actavia Heath

Highly recommend for tax accounting services after second time tax filing This is the second time I have filed my tax returns through Premiere One. Maru is prompt, friendly and supportive. He goes through our documents in detail and ensures the tax returns are filed without any further hassle. Highly recommend!

Raja Koushik

Professional tax expert near melbourne - Recommended for tax and accounting services in Australia I recently lodged my tax returns with Maru. He is professional and knows what he does! Would definitely recommend him for any tax and accounting services. Thanks Maru for your efforts!!

Priya Sathish

Highly recommend for tax return in melbourne. It was very easy and quick for our first visit, I will be going back for my next tax return, I highly recommend, see you soon. thanks for your help and advise. Thanks again Mr. Maru, Keep it up.

Deleela Arul

Appreciate PremierOne team for awesome tax work. They are the Perfect Tax Agent near Melbourne. A perfect and awesome tax agent.. my messy job was complete with fast and unexpected time... good job PremierOne Team. A million thanx and Appreciate.

Francis LEE

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